Who we are

We are, above all, a group of friends united by their passion for music and sound systems. A team putting the emphasis on accessible events open to all, bringing together music lovers in a friendly ambiance filled with dancing and eclectic bass music. With a wide variety of influences and musical backgrounds ranging from reggae, dub, hip-hop, drum & bass, techno and more - the collective wants nothing more than to push their sounds through the medium that represents them best: a quality sound system.

Bassix Soundsystem @ Timeless Festival 2019
Deco by Beasts Underneath
Lock0ut with first Bassix soundsystem circa 2013

Bush Parties

It all started in 2011 with a DJ duo throwing renegade-style parties on the outskirts of Montreal island. Back then, the sound system was a real frankenstein set-up: half borrowed and half scavenged parts from an old defunct nightclub. MTL Bassix quickly gained traction in the Montreal scene and added many members to the crew, among them aspiring DJs, producers, techs and sound engineers.

The Shop

The shop was set up in the basement of a Montreal apartment and 2013 marked the first subwoofer build, with more to come the following year. Along with mid-high speaker cabinets, to complete the first MTL’s Bassix DIY soundsystem. The folded horn subwoofer designs were specifically chosen for their ability to reproduce very low sub-bass frequencies with minimal distortion. In 2017, the crew undertook the biggest cabinet construction endeavour to date, spearheaded by our very own Patrick Labelle, resulting in 6 “arrayable” tops, giving the sound system capabilities for large outdoor events.

3x Tuba 60 subs being built

Where we are Today

While the bush parties have remained a favorite at the heart of the collective throughout the years, we have moved on to organise more professional bass music events, ripe with musical variety and a strong following. Today, we provide sound reinforcement for all types of events from bar nights to warehouse parties and outdoor music festivals while also collaborating with like-minded promoters to bring international artists to Montreal. Many world-renowned bass music DJs and artists have had the chance to play on a MTL’s Bassix rig: Compa, DJ Madd, Vivek, Kursk, Thelem, Hyroglifics, Sleeper, Joe Nice, Kaiju, Sam Binga, Ben Coda, Nanoplex, Matt The Alien, Nomine, Krafty Kuts, Mr Bill, White Bear, LX One, Mamajuana, Pinch & Peverelist, Brujo’s Bowl, Hypnagog